Jarkko Ruohoniemi

Jarkko Ruohoniemi: Negotiations could start already

Wed, 10/13/2021 - 11:20
Jarkko Ruohoniemi, CEO of Technology Industry Employers of Finland, finds it unfortunate that the Industrial Union does not yet consider that the negotiations on a new nationwide collective agreement can be started. Companies have been joining the new association at a good pace and the future agreement could already be considered generally binding, considering the members admitted by the employers’ association and the pending applications.

“It is important that companies have genuine discussions on the bargaining options, that is, whether having a company-specific collective agreement or joining the Technology Industry Employers of Finland and thereby a nationwide collective agreement is the better option for the company. Companies must be given the opportunity to have a thorough discussion on this with their employees,” Ruohoniemi says.

“I hope that the Industrial Union is not aiming to pressurise companies to organise. Both employers and employees have the freedom of association,” Ruohoniemi emphasises.

Ruohoniemi also reminds that company-specific agreements are created through mutual agreement and the Industrial Union has stated that it will also participate in these negotiations.

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