The negotiations for next year’s pay settlement have begun

Mon, 09/05/2022 - 14:54
The negotiations between Technology Industry Employers of Finland and the Industrial Union for next year’s pay settlement have begun on Sunday (09/04/2022). Different kinds of initial meetings with parties to other collective agreements have taken place or will take place as well.

All nationwide collective agreements in technology industry are valid for two years. According to the agreements, the pay settlement for the second year will be agreed on by the end of September. If a mutual understanding was not reached, the parties may terminate the agreements so that they expire in the end of November.

− Due to high inflation and increased costs, the negotiations will take place in an exceptionally difficult situation. They are a weight on companies as well and strain the profitability of companies. The outlook is also darkened by weakening demand, first signals of which have been received also in the technology industry. There is a real risk of recession, says CEO Jarkko Ruohoniemi.

Additional information:
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