Jarkko Ruohoniemi
Press release

Ruohoniemi has been appointed CEO of Technology Industry Employers of Finland

Jarkko Ruohoniemi, Master of Laws, has been appointed CEO of Technology Industry Employers of Finland, which was established in March. He is currently Director of Industrial Relations at Technology Industries of Finland, and will take up his new position on 1 June 2021.

This press release was published on 28 May 2021 by Technology Industries of Finland.

In the employers’ association, Ruohoniemi will be responsible for all national collective agreements in the five main technology industries. At Technology Industries of Finland, he has been in charge of contracts for salaried employees in industry and contracts in the IT service sector and the design and consulting sector.

According to Aaro Cantell, Chair of Technology Industry Employers of Finland, Ruohoniemi was selected from among many good applicants. Factors in Ruohoniemi’s favour included his profound business knowledge, deep understanding of the technology sector, solid negotiating expertise, and cooperative skills.

“We’re aiming to develop the sector’s national collective agreements, so that they meet the needs of both business and the changing nature of working life, and also constitute an attractive option for companies. Jarkko Ruohoniemi is in an excellent position to develop these activities and agreements in the right direction,” says Aaro Cantell.

Jarkko Ruohoniemi describes his new position as both very interesting and challenging. The technology industry is a significant sector for the Finnish economy and also plays a key role in the labour market.

“There’s still a great need to develop national agreements, and this is being done together with trade unions. I want to continue the good cooperation that Technology Industries of Finland and its contractual partners have engaged in over the years,” says Ruohoniemi.

Technology Industry Employers of Finland will officially launch its activities in August, after Technology Industries of Finland’s rule change (to no longer conclude collective agreements) receives final approval. Until then, Technology Industries of Finland will remain responsible for national collective bargaining activities.

For further information, please contact:
Aaro Cantell, tel.  +358 (0)400 706 072
Jarkko Ruohoniemi, tel. +358 (0)40 833 9577