The collective agreements are reached through negotiations, not by industrial actions

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 13:15
The industrial actions were announced in the Technology Industry by Industrial Union, Trade Union Pro and The Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN, are unfortunate says Jarkko Ruohoniemi, CEO of the Technology Industry Employer’s Association.

New collective agreements are created by negotiating, seeking solutions with the labor market that are complicate the companies and their business.

The Industrial Union announced the ban on working overtime and shifting in the Technology Industry and Ore mining, which starts on 4.12.2021 klo 00.00 and ends 19.12.2021 klo 24:00. Also, YTN announced the industrial actions starting the same time, concerning travelling outside the work time, the ban on working overtime and increasing the surplus in the flextime. Pro announced the ban as well on working overtime.

– Industrial action does not encourage the emergence of the new collective agreements. In addition, the pressure is being applied to all members of the Technology Industry – including companies that are not members of the Employer’s Association and which are not deciding on the new labor market situation, Ruohoniemi points out

It’s positive that the unions still want to negotiate, and the negotiations will continue as soon as possible, Ruohoniemi states. The Employer side’s goal is to find the solutions as soon as possible.

CEO Jarkko Ruohoniemi, tel. 040 833 9577