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A major opening emerged in the Technology Industry

A nationwide opening in the labor market has emerged in the Technology Industry. The Technology Industry Employer’s Association and Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN) have approved new collective agreement for senior salaried workers in technology industry, consulting services and IT service sector on Sunday. The agreements cover about 100,000 employees. The agreement in the IT service sector was also approved by Association of IT sector Employees (Tietoala).

All three collective agreements are valid for 2 years but the salary settlement for the second year will be negotiated and approved in Autumn 2022.

The primary premise for the salary settlement is to take into consideration the situation of the companies. The local salary settlement is the preferred option in both contracts’ years.

If no local salary settlement is found, the salary will be revised in accordance with the general increase. There are two options in the general increase, from which the employer and shop steward will negotiate the correct one. If no local salary settlement is reached, salaries of each senior salaried employee shall be adjusted by a general increase of 0,9% no later than on 1 March 2022 or at the start of the pay period beginning soonest thereafter. In addition, a company- or workplace-specific element, amounting to 0.9% of the total salaries of the senior salaried employees, including benefits in kind.

In the last stage, the negotiations concerned on the salary settlement as the partied had previously agreed on the so-called text changes.

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