Negotiations for salaried employees set to begin in the technology industries

Negotiations on new national collective agreements are set to begin also in the salaried employee sectors represented by Technology Industries of Finland. Collective agreement negotiations for salaried employees and senior salaried employees in the technology industry as well as senior salaried employees in the consulting and design sectors will begin on Monday, 25 October. Negotiations in the IT service industry have already started.

The number of companies that have joined Technology Industry Employers of Finland varies by sector, together with the coverage of collective agreements measured by number of employees.

“The coverage of collective agreements for industrial salaried employees and senior salaried employees has risen to 60 per cent. In contrast, coverage will remain significantly lower in the design and consulting sector and the IT services industry, and universal applicability may not be achieved for these agreements. The committee for confirming the general applicability of collective agreements will determine universal applicability in due course. Especially low coverage is expected in IT services”, says Director Anne Somer of Technology Industry Employers of Finland.

According to Somer, the goal is to complete negotiations for the new agreements before the end of November, when the current agreements expire.

Further information:
Director Anne Somer, tel. +358 (0)50 345 2134